Lindsay paints a furnished room

We are probably neighbors. I live in Park Slope, and my painting crew lives either in the Slope or nearby. My background is in the visual arts, as is that of my painters, who are also friends of mine. I only work with people I know and trust, and that my clients will feel comfortable having in their homes.

Lindsay is part of a sculpture – welding artist collective.

Jackie works in interior design.

Brian is portrait painter and muralist.

Tony works in fiber arts and paper mache.

The other Brian is a documentary videographer.

We all come from that world where we want it to look great, and attention to detail is key. I see a lot of poorly done paint jobs, and I think, why bother doing it badly? I don’t get it.

“The painting turned out beautifully, and totally transformed the space into our own. People think we renovated when all we did was paint!  I found Eric through the Park Slope Parents, and then found out that he came recommended by our building manager and another resident in my building.”

Brian skim coats a bathroom

We are NYC licensed, bonded, and insured, which means if anyone gets hurt in your home, there is Workmen’s Comp, Disability, & Liability Insurance to take care of it. To have those coverages in place also means our prices will be higher than painters who are not licensed & insured.

We don’t give estimates over the phone. We may be able to give a rough estimate based on a floorplan and photos via email.

We use only No-VOC or Low VOC paints like Ben Moore Natura and Lowes Olympia.




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